I'm a graphic designer, wife, gamer girl, and dog mom. Born and raised in California, I moved to Canada in 2008, and obtained my citizenship in 2016!
I first discovered an interest in design & development when in the mid 90's when Dad bought me my first computer. I began tearing apart websites an piecing together new ones to teach myself code. (There weren't a lot of online training resources for that in the mid 90s for a 16 year old). Shortly after I was building my own sites for all of my favourite bands.
Fast forward a decade, when I decided to return to school to pursue web development, it was during this time I discovered graphic design and decided to make it my focus once completing school.
Today, I continue to grow and learn (as we all should). I love designing all the things, and will occasionally still do site development & maintenance on a case by case basis.
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